Popcorn Applications

Recent sales figures from a small software company via the Apple iPhone App Store has got me marveling about consumers’ apparent fondness for these little bite-sized pieces of software. I’ve decided to dub them popcorn applications. Here’s why:

  1. ease of consumption
  2. (typically) cheap and straightforward, but
  3. totally addictive

Up until now, I’ve always seen these apps as extensions of bigger plays or platforms, but that’s not necessarily the case. The small, simple nature of these things (and potential revenue model) has challenged me to rethink the scope of some of my personal projects and see if there’s an opportunity to bring them to market in a much smaller package. The barriers seem low and the time to market could be much shorter.

Paying 30% to Apple for the privilege of using their channel even seems somewhat reasonable compared to most vendor/retailer deals (at least until Android puts some pressure on them, IF Android puts some pressure on them).

By Adam

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