Twitter Updates for 2008-10-01

  • in Bloomington, MN #
  • Heading to the Chambers for a nightcap. in Minneapolis, MN #
  • 4 hours of sleep. Thank goodness it’s a short run. #
  • Testing Amazon Prime. Trying to eliminate Target runs for home essentials. Instead buying massive amounts of CDs and Video Games. #
  • Carboloading. Yes, that’s “barley risotto”. Yes, for the third day in a row. #
  • @jbweb Can’t see it from your link. Where is it? #
  • @jbweb Ah there it is! Thanks. Very nice. Is that some of your and Mr. Lawrence’s (Partnership) work? #
  • @jbweb yo, k-dog!!! #

By Adam

Sellke is as Sellke does.

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