Twitter Updates for 2008-10-07

  • Brands are tribes. Harkening to THE primal social context. Belonging raises your stock… and chances for [emotional/material] survival. #
  • In this environment, which brands provide “shelter from the storm”? The strength to protect its members (emotionally/materially)? These win. #
  • Reading David Brook’s op-ed in this morning’s NYT while waiting for the store to open. Good stuff. #
  • Going to shotgun a Pabst Blue Ribbon every time I hear “Joe Six-Pack” or “Maverick” tonight… #
  • @garykoelling Best Buy = technolust #
  • @garykoelling Best Buy = technologism… just doesn’t sound right. #
  • Ok. Is it just my iTunes, or does the “Genius Button” have a grudge against the Beatles? Both Apples can be so petty… #
  • @GraemeThickins You might note that Pistachio just featured local wunderkind Ben Moore’s startup Headmix-the engine behind Best Buy’s “Mix”. #

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