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Beautiful, Horrifying Times

Went for a run this morning. The sky was bright and clear blue. The leaves were peaking as I trotted along. And in my ears was this from The Daily. My trot turned into a stumble and then became a stop as I looked up to the sky and wept. What messed up, beautiful, horrifying […]

Q&AI™ (or Today AI Learned™)

This is likely to be a recurring segment where I share a question to an LLM or other AI Model and its subsequent response. I will share those that I find to be either funny, impressive, and/or informative. Today’s Q&AI™: What is the main premise for piping carbon thousands of miles and storing underground in […]


(Or the sound of me dusting this thing off) I’m not sure what’s possessing me to dip a toe back into this thing. Call it another seven year itch. Perhaps it’s a desire to literally gather my thoughts and share some of them openly as part of some sort of desperate dialogue with the universe. […]