Beautiful, Horrifying Times

Went for a run this morning. The sky was bright and clear blue. The leaves were peaking as I trotted along. And in my ears was this from The Daily. My trot turned into a stumble and then became a stop as I looked up to the sky and wept. What messed up, beautiful, horrifying […]

Q&AI™ (or Today AI Learned™)

This is likely to be a recurring segment where I share a question to an LLM or other AI Model and its subsequent response. I will share those that I find to be either funny, impressive, and/or informative. Today’s Q&AI™: What is the main premise for piping carbon thousands of miles and storing underground in […]


(Or the sound of me dusting this thing off) I’m not sure what’s possessing me to dip a toe back into this thing. Call it another seven year itch. Perhaps it’s a desire to literally gather my thoughts and share some of them openly as part of some sort of desperate dialogue with the universe. […]

Coltrane is Cool

Liking the WordPress 2.7 . A lot.


Back in my day, we didn’t have no tek-now-low-gee! We didn’t have no “eye emm” or “arr ess ess” feeds. If we wanted to know what someone was doing, we went to their blog! And we liked it! Twitteryfloo! This is a little how I feel about the current state of social computing in general. […]

a blog is a promise

So this on again off again on again thing called has been *here* going over 8 years. And one of the things I’ve come to understand over this time is that your blog is your brand. As such, this blog hasn’t been very reflective of my “brand” for quite some time. Which begs the […]


i’m working with the proverbial blank slate. not entirely by choice, mind you. but I’m going to embrace the opportunity, nevertheless.